Social Design and ICT

In recent years, finding a job has become even more difficult and complicated. Global financial crisis has led to millions of job losses. The man’s situation is not very good, but he must not surrender.
First of all, we must be predisposed to change and we must abandon our traditional ideas of a permanent job, that in this period seems a distant goal.
It is necessary to make the best use of tools for worker and we must not underestimate the importance of the Internet. The internet provides an amazing resource for those searching for new jobs: there are recruiting sites, blogs, social networks and virtual job fairs.
It seems clear that job search is a most salient issue, for those without a job and for those who want to find a concrete solution to the problem.

Thus is born the idea of an innovative project which uses new technologies to realize a service of social design.
The aim is exploit the Web 2.0 features and the potential of network to match labour supply with labour demand.
At the heart of the project is the concept of service: this “social work network” allow users to access informations which may be of interest in professional field, and using infographic techniques and a georeferenced map this informations are given through visual feedbacks.
Users can easily find the solutions which best suits their needs through a special search engine. Setting one or more refinement filter, immediately map shows the colored icons which indicate the results based on their choices.

Palermo University | Thesis project | 2010