There are usually many moments that help people feel part of their family. But when somebody goes away, he misses those moments that before were taken for granted.

fLight is an interactive system which allows people distant from their family to reinforce the feeling of being part of it, knowing that somewhere else somebody is living the same moment. The surprise that follows waiting for a contact gives a strong sense of accomplishment because this moment feels like a celebration.

fLight project is focused on demostrating that being together is something that needs care and time and doing this can give a strong accomplishment.
In each house of the family members is placed a fLight, one in the family house and one in each children’s house ( or even office).
fLight consists of four different main reactions based on the same interaction, in fact the only thing to do is to take the controller and hold it between hands waiting for an answer.

Personal contribute
I took care of final Arduino code and created the logo and part of the graphic of the project. I also helped in shooting of videos.

Iuav | Interaction design lab 2, in collaboration with Lei Chen and Paolo Decarot | 2011
more info at www.interaction-venice.net