DaTe is a mobile phone App which allows escorts to manage their work in a more simple, and discreet way.
This application becomes a virtual place where escorts can hide their luxurious secret life and work in tranquillity and safety.

Venice is a cosmopolitan city visited by thousands of visitors and travellers every day. It’s a magic city par excellence. Many old palazzi, private residences and hotels are the perfect venues for exclusive and luxury parties and receptions. These could be the very occasions for male visitors to use DaTe to find a suitable escort.

DaTe’s main purpose is to get away from the idea of a money transfer and focus on the gift instead, as a nice way to thank the lady for the good time spent together.

DaTe application’s main user is the escort. Her only duty is to accompany gentlemen travelling alone and seeking company while in Venice, and not necessarily to provide sexual favours. She is supposed to be refined, elegant and educated, able to beautifully entertain her occasional parter with brilliant conversations on any topic.
DaTe application’s second user is her client, a wealthy gentleman in Venice for business, who would like to spend his free time in good company.

Personal Contribute
I proposed the metaphor of the room; this was used for the final graphics and I also did the graphic design for some internal parts of the escort application. I created most of the code and the final code that encompasses all aspects of the application.

Iuav | Interaction design lab 1, in collaboration with Paolo Basso and Enrico Fraioli | 2011
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